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Offset Lithograph Printed, Coated Label Fabrics

Common uses

  1. Heatseal labels for underwear briefs for major undergarment manufacturers
  2. Printed labels on fabric with heatseal backing used for carpet samples
  3. Printed labels on paper with heatseal backing for carpet samples
  4. Printed labels on fabric with heatseal backing for matress labels
  5. Printed Lithographs on art canvas
Flexograph Printed Coated Fabric

We Print

  1. Flexograph printing of our coated label fabric for wash resistant labels used in towels, washcloths, bedsheets, pillowcases, etc.
  2. Flexographic printing of our heatsealable fabrics used in men's underwear briefs.
Flexograph Printing of Label Paper with PSA backing

We Print

  1. Sockbands, textile adhesive stock
  2. Address Labels, permanent adhesive
  3. Sandwich Bag Labels, food grade adhesive
  4. Food Jar Labels, permanent adhesive
  5. Freezer Containers, freezer adhesive
  6. Outdoor Equiptment Manufacturer Labels, mylar film with permanent adhesive
Flexoprinting of Paper

Die-cut and wound into rolls for hang-tags

  1. Hang-tags printed on one or two sides